Scott Roth Events LLC

So as to keep with growing demands we know offer the following Brands to focus on specific types of events

“I started out in 2003 providing a variety of entertainment through a now closed Advanced Entertainment. At the time we did mostly Video Karaoke, Photo Favors, and the occassional Casino Games party. ALOT of Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s. Advanced shut down in 2008 but I had already quite a few DJ’s and Planners I was working with so when they heard Advanced was closing, they simply asked if I would come work for them. Since there were more than one company providing offers of employment and with YouTube, Facebook, etc taking shape I thought it was a good point to just start my own company ….so Scott Roth Events started in 2008 and brought along with me some of the Advanced staff. We continued where we left off, with a heavy boost of Photo Booth Rentals via Best Wedding NJ.

Over the years, my photography started to really take shape and eventually clients (who were also friends) started asking if I would cover their events as the main photographer (instead of just the Photo Booth, etc)……so I took a risk on a small Bat Mitzvah. Well the clients were super happy and referred us to a few friends. We also got a Sweet 16 which led to more Sweet 16’s and even a Wedding. With the focus so much on Photography, I started focusing on Scott Roth Photography and building up such.

Now it’s build up so much that I am getting double booked so I have additional Photographers I work with who I send out……so now we split up our services to be more focused on the type of events we are shooting. Above are some of our event specific brands. Each brand is catered to provide not just Photography but other entertainment options that are popular for those types of events (such as our Corporate brand offers activities such as Inflatable Rides and Team Building).

Thank you for finding us and we hope we can serve all your Event Entertainment and Photography needs. Feel free to also dig through our Blog of past events posted here.”  – Scott Roth