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It's never about the equipment. It's about the person holding the camera. Where they stand, what they choose to shoot, how they use the lighting around them. This is what makes the difference when hiring a photographer or any photography type service.

- Scott Roth


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About Us

This is a special night you are planning. If it's a Wedding, it's been in the planning since you were (or your fiance) was 5 years old. If it's a Sweet 16 , a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or Birthday Party there is a good chance the person who the party is for has been to other similar events and wants to stand out from the crowd. Alot of envisioning has taken place in that time. Will the person you are hiring capture the memories in line with those visions?

This is where we stand out. Our Photography and Photo Activities take on a different approach from others. Our photography and services take on unique angles and perspectives that match your personality.

Back in 2003 Scott Roth was working for an event company providing Video Karaoke (one of the activities we still provide now), Photo Favors, Casino Games, Photobooths and so much more. A little of everything.

Over the past few years that ambition and outlook has led Scott Roth Events to providing:

-our Photo Booth and Flip Book Photos on episodes of TLC's Four Weddings

-being mentioned in New Jersey Bride Magazine

-providing Magazine Photos for Promotion In Motion at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, IL for the past 3 years

-a destination wedding at the Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica

-a mention in Emily Guerin's "Sweet 16 Ideas" which is an e-book available for download at Amazon.

-doing Green Screen Photos for the Texas Lottery at the big Texas A&M Auggie vs Texas Longhorns annual thanksgiving football game

and more

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Who am I?
A little about the owner Scott Roth

What were your original career goals growing up?

i wanted to be a songwriter. i remember reading about music publishing and how alot of the companies you see listed with the songwriting credits were made up by the songwriters themselves. it mentioned about how "a song had a better chance of getting picked up if someone other than the songwriter themselves was hyping it and promoting" ......so songwriters made these companies as a front. I fell in love with the business side of entertainment at that moment

How did you come to be the owner/manager of Scott Roth Events?

it came from being personally requested while working for other various entertainment companies.

What degrees or training do have?

after wanting to pursue the business side of music, i went to a college that had internships with record labels. i almost didnt even graduate because i would not have had enough hours put in......but i felt if i didnt get an internship at a record label, the whole point of going to college was moot.

luckily i landed one with Capitol Records and was able to graduate on time

What type of planning is involved with your position?

every event is different so alot goes into making sure staffing is available, equipment is functionable, supplies or sufficient, and everyone is on the same page

How do you organize your business to make sure your clients are fully satisfied?

by understanding that the clients satisfaction IS the product......everything else is just a way to get there. the personality of the staff on hand goes a long way when it comes to this. staff that doesn't stress out is crucial in this line of work

What type of controls do you have in place to make sure everything goes smoothly? and for when it doesn't?

hiccups are gonna happen but enough experience helps knowing where the trouble spots are and how to handle them efficiently without causing any stress on the client. if the staff stresses when there is an issue instead of focusing on a solution, the client will stress and any solution that is arrived will be lost and most likely will cause an issue again on another event

the idea is to have whatever issues arrive appear as "commonplace"

How do you keep your employees motivated?

the greatest thing you can do for someone is to make them feel important. in this line of work, there is usually only 1-2 staff people on an event and those events are once-in-a-lifetime affairs so when things go well, the staffing knows they were an important role in the success of it.

How does your type of business recruit new employees? What qualifications would they have to have?

usually its through personal referrals. Id like to start offering internships in the coming year. the five important things i look for are:
1 - punctuality,
2 - ability to work under stress,
3 - ability to be self motivated and also a team player,
4 - someone who has a desire to learn even beyond what can be taught here and now.....there are services down the road that we may offer that don't even exist yet and maybe that new person is the one who gets us there,
5 - computer literate

What is a typical day like for you?

my weekends are out covering the events. my weekdays are spent going through the previous jobs and figuring what each job costs, finding staffing for the upcoming weeks, doing sales, blogging, marketing, improving the website, improving advertising opportunities, etc.

What are your responsibilities? Do you delegate any of them to other employees?

as a self-employed entrepreneur i wear many hats. the downside is that no one is great at everything, and hopefully in the coming year ill be able to hire people who are better at the areas that I am weak.

Do you have any ethics provisions?

everyone has a right to celebrate what they feel is worth is celebrating.

How do you plan on expanding your company?

i am starting to take on more Wedding Photography jobs as well as doing Real Estate Photography during the week for companies such as LiquidSpace.com

What do you enjoy most about your job?

being a part of someones special moments

What do you enjoy least about the job?

as a leader, when there are successes the entire team of staff gets the credit, but when there are failures it falls on us. this both a blessing and a curse

Do you as the owner have to report to anyone?

the IRS lol

What would you consider the strengths of Scott Roth Events?

all of the above. you have to love what you do and be confident in what you are doing or no one will hire you. be aware of the competition but only to be different, not better. let the client decide who is better

What would you consider to be Scott Roth Events weaknesses? opportunities?

personal matters that hold its growth back.

What would you consider to be your companies competition? threats?

NONE.....sure there are other companies that provide similar services but if the customer isn't aware of how we are different, then I am not doing my job as a sales person. my biggest threat or competition if you will is my own laziness

How many years in this type of business does it take to get to the breakeven stage?

there really is no set answer as every person who starts in this business is gonna have different costs and different prices based on their market.

Do you plan on getting any further degrees or certifications to further your career asperations?

id like to take more photography course at Unique Photo and go on more Photo Walks in the city.

How do you go about teambuilding? Does teambuilding still exist in your field?

corporations tend to have teambuilding events that we have worked on to boost company morale be it tug of war games, three legged races, etc. the ideas behind them were to recognize each others strengths and weaknesses