Meet Damiana – Sweet 16 Photography / Sterling Gardens in Matawan, NJ

We came highly referred for Damiana’s Sweet 16 via The Figeuroa’s after doing Vanessa’s Sweet 16 last may. Sterling Gardens is a great venue for photography with low white ceilings.

I personally really liked the little taxis that were used for the name cards. It was a very cool touch for a New York themed party. Here is a sneak peek at the night :)

Sweet 16 Cake


sweet-16-photography-5090sweet 16 open photo boothsweet-16-photography-5337Damiana Sweet Sixteen candlelightingsweet-16-photography-5420Damiana Sweet 16sweet-16-photography-5354sweet-16-photography-5618sweet-16-photography-5164sweet-16-photography-5656Sweet 16 Table DecorDamiana Sweet 16Gucci Shoes / Heels


Meet Kate – Sweet 16 Photography – Hackettstown, NJ

Kate found out about us through Thumbtack and asked us to come crash her party at the Minebrook Country Club in Hackettstown, NJ / New Jersey. It was our first time trying out the Ef-S 17-55mm 2.8 lens for Canon and we were pleased with the results. The wider aperture helped keep noise down despite the dark club like DJ atmosphere of the party. Every event we improve in a particular area and we are looking forward to seeing where the year takes us.

sweet sixteen

sweet sixteen


sweet 16


sweet 16sweet 16

sweet 16

kates-sweet-16-photography-3372sweet 16

sweet 16 dancefloor

sweet 16


sweet sixteen dancefloor



Meet Alexa – Sweet Sixteen Photography – Brownstone in Paterson, NJ

The Mitchell’s found us through the Figueroa’s as well, as word is getting around with this group of dancer teens. We first covered Vanessa’s Sweet Sixteen and have since done her friends Gianna’s, Taylor’s, Daniella’s, Frankie’s and Tiffany’s.

We can now add Alexa to that list. We had a great time and congratulations Alexa. Thank you for letting us crash your party with our Photography and Photo Booth. We are honored to have captured your big day.

brownstone-photography-1839brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2621brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2525brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2531brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2568brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2824brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2817brownstone-photography-2052 brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2799brownstone-photography-2066brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2738brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2843brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2934 brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2980brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2992brownstone-photography-1911brownstone-photography-2077brownstone-photography-2134Sweet Sixteens.




Meet Sharlize – Quinceanera Photography – Vitarelli’s Catering in Cherry Hill, NJ

This was our first time covering a Quinceanera and were excited to take part. The church provided a great point of view for some of the shots and while there is always a challenge with church photography due to it being darker near the front, we rose to the challenge and used the off-lighting to our advantage :)

Sharlize’s party then continued on a Limo Party Bus and we got some great shots on there. Afterwards, the reception followed at Vitarelli’s Catering in Cherry Hill, NJ. Vitarelli’s also does the catering for the Collingswood Ballroom which we are at regularly. The following are some highlights of the evening.




















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Got to see the Roots at a recent event. Here are some highlights of the night with Captain Kirk Douglas (Guitarist), Leonard Hubbard (Bassist), Questlove (Mixing, Beats, Drums), Dice Raw (Vocals), Bryson Gooding Jr (Tuba), and front man Black Thought.

denver-broncos-party-2-5 denver-broncos-party-1420 denver-broncos-party-1467 denver-broncos-party-1485 denver-broncos-party-1517 denver-broncos-party-1755 denver-broncos-party-1757 denver-broncos-party-1762 denver-broncos-party-1417 denver-broncos-party-1477 denver-broncos-party-1592 leonard-hubbard

2/2/14 – Denver Broncos Superbowl After Party – Hyatt Regency in Jersey City, NJ

For the first time ever, New Jersey (NOT New York lol) played host to the biggest professional sports game around….the NFL’s Super Bowl. While the game was played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, the teams were staying and partying over in Jersey City.

The Denver Broncos were staying at the Hyatt Regency and Scott Roth Events was honored to be the Professional Photographers of choice, after being referred by Melissa Magin at the Hyatt, for their post-game celebration. Although the outcome was not what we all had hoped, there was still alot to cheer for. There was Damaryius Thomas setting the record for most receptions in a Super Bowl, Peyton Manning winning MVP Player Of The Year and more.

While we are under contract and are not able to provide photos that include players, cheerleaders, etc……we ARE able to share photos of some of the decor.

denver-broncos-party-1259 denver-broncos-party-1278 denver-broncos-party-1299 denver-broncos-party-1301 denver-broncos-party-1335 denver-broncos-party-1780 denver-broncos-party-1846 denver-broncos-party-1852 denver-broncos-super-bowl-after-party-1218 denver-broncos-super-bowl-after-party-1230

Meet Tiffany – Sweet 16 Photography – Ravellos in East Hanover, NJ

Christine (Tiffany’s mom) found us after being referred from Sharon, who is Taylor’s mom, and Anna who is Daniella’s mom. All the girls are part of a dance group and we have been honored to photography their sweet sixteens for all of them.




sweet-sixteen-photography-ravellos-0904sweet-sixteen-photography-ravellos-1235 sweet-sixteen-photography-ravellos-1249 sweet-sixteen-photography-ravellos-1266 sweet-sixteen-photography-ravellos-0998 sweet-sixteen-photography-ravellos-1043 sweet-sixteen-photography-ravellos-1115 sweet-sixteen-photography-ravellos-1346

sweet-sixteen-photography-ravellos-1432 sweet-sixteen-photography-ravellos-1438