This December Scott Roth Events had the opportunity to extend our shorelines again and provide our Open Air Photo Booth for a destination wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica on December 8, 2012. We had an incredible experience again.This time we stayed in town with the locals at a place called the Bethel Court Guesthouse which was more of a Hostel than a Hotel. It felt like we had our own mini apartment for the weekend. The place calls for an open mind, since there is no room or maid service, and the air condition was not really helpful causing us to use fans. On the bright side it was low cost and FUN and the owner Steve Wright was pleasant and helpful when needed.

The place has provided us with a local taxi service and we couldn’t be happier with Lewin McKenzie.

For low cost, he took us around to see the real Jamaica. First was Mega Mart for home cooked foods. Mega Mart was an over-sized supermarket much like our ShopRite here in the US. I wasn’t expecting anything like this from experiencing Jamaica back in February for another destination wedding at the same venue.The next McKenzie took us to Columbus Park where it is believe that Christopher Columbus first discovered Jamaica. Then we stopped at a local who cut up some fresh coconut for us. A fresh coconut with sugar tasted incredible and so did the water inside it.

Captain Crazy

We then were off to see the Bob Marley Massoleum where Bob Marley grew up and is now buried along with his mother. There was a band outside playing Marley’s music, and

Captain Crazy who is the Bob Marley tour guide famous for his crazy laugh.

After a brief stop at a farm, we eventually made it out to see and do Jamaica’s most popular tourist attraction which is the Dunns River Falls. You have to lock arms with a group of people to climb over 950 feet of falling water. It is a beautiful site to behold and so much fun. We can’t say enough about it. We also got a cool video of us made taking on the climb.After all that, we still had to work the next day, and by work I mean what got us to Jamaica in the first place lol…….doing a Photobooth for Ramey & Dion’s Wedding. They were the nicest couple and everyone had a great time. The Staff and Shanoya Watson, who is the wedding planner for the Half Moon Rock Resorts took great care of us. The food was incredible and we got our own little candle light dinner spot 🙂

We can’t wait to do this all again soon.

Scott 🙂



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