Candid Photo Bar Mitzvah

Over the past few months we have slowly been incorporating Candid Photography into our list of Photography services. While the skill set might be there to become a full fledged Wedding Photography service, we tend to shy away from it. Wedding Photography is its own professional career and we leave it to those who are dedicated and best suited to spend an entire day with a couple. Candid Photography however is better suited for smaller budget events such as Sweet 16’s. and some Bar and Bat Mitzvahs who want professional photography but not the full on day long package.

We recently got to provide such a service, along with our Wedding Photo Booth for Sam’s Bar Mitzvah over at Club Chill in Montclair, NJ. The venue is the perfect place for such a party with kids since one room is a big dancefloor room called Stage Left and the other has games and activities for kids to do. Speak to Erica there to plan your next event.

The kids all had a great time and were very photogenic. We like to get out on the dance floor with the kids and catch them in the act, doing crazy things and being themselves. We believe this really captures the moment and what the event is all about. We want our photography to put people right on the dance floor with us.

For more information, reach out to us about our Candid Photography.

Scott 🙂

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