Congregation Ohr Torah – Photo Favors | Jordan’s Bat Mitzvah – 11/7/2010

On November 7, 2010 our Mitzvah Photo Favors sent us to  Congregation Ohr Torah in North Woodmere, NY if you are in that area and Valley Stream, NY if you are on GPS or Google Maps. This could be a nightmare for vendors looking for directions to the place without a GPS. This thankfully is the only real downside of the location. The venue is extremely popular Bar and Bat Mitzvah Venue…..mostly being that it is part of a temple so it has its own in-house clientel.

Congregation Ohr Torah has a very cool staff for the most part though they dont appear to outgoing they do seem friendly.

The load-in is relatively easy with a ramp and side door access. The unload is into a hallway. If you are a DJ or setting up in the lobby or main ballroom, its a bit of a trip but no obstacles and not too hard. If you are doing Photo Favors or Sports Game Rentals, there is a good chance you are going into the cocktail hour room area and therefore its an easy unload right into the room.

Parking is relatively easy to find on the street. The venue is a bit off Sunrise Highway / Route 27 with a ton of stores nearby such as Staples, Target, etc. This is good cause if you ever need to send a staff person out to get some last minute items that may have gotten left behind (such as Batteries lol) …….there are local options easy to find.

It’s rare at Mitzvah’s to get fed so don’t to eat during your night. This of course is always a strike against the venue. I do understand that they leave it up to the client to decide but this shouldnt always be the case. The vendors help sell the venue and the overall experience a client has at such a venue (such as with blogs like this, etc) and should always make dinners for the vendors there.

All in all:

  • The View: The inside ballrooms are small but decent. There are nice chandeliers in the enterance. Its upscale but definitely not that unique. The area outside the venue is standard suburbia. Overall I give it a C
  • The Staff: They seem nice but not really engaging or outgoing from my experiences there. Also a C
  • The Load-In:  Relatively easy with a nice easy ramp and easy to find parking. ….  A
  • The Food:  N/A

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