Farmington Fire Hall (Vanessa & Angel’s Wedding Photo Booth – 10/23/2010)

On 9/25/09 our Wedding Photo Booth sent us to Paris Caterers for the Wedding of Julie & Miguel……and it was such a huge success and enjoyed so much that Julie helped spread the word to soon-to-be newlyweds Vanessa & Angel.

Vanessa & Angel's Wedding Photo Booth Picture
Vanessa & Angel's Wedding Photo Booth Picture

This past weekend that Wedding Photo Booth sent us to the Farmington Fire Hall in Egg Harbor, NJ for the Wedding of Vanessa & Angel. Although the phrase Fire Hall doesn’t speak the words “Elegant” and “Beautiful” that one would associate with a Wedding atmosphere, the Farmington Fire Hall (also known as the Charles A. Maxwell Banquet Hall) was dare I say ….”Exquisite”.

This was mostly due to the efforts of the Wedding Planner Brenda Lambert Rivera (aka Creations By Brenda) who created an incredible Fall Theme under the moniker “Fall … In Love”………brown table cloth, tan chairs, orange flower centerpieces, with orange and brown leaves as center pieces. The room had supplied dim lighting and candlelight to set the mood.

The load-in was simple to navigate being that this was in fact a big open first floor fire hall, so no tight stairway, no elevators, no kitchen to fight through, and no big loading dock area. There was a side access door in the back of the room to use but we used the main entrance which was a double-door and right near where our Wedding Photo Booth was to be setup.

We had a nice open area near power and a backroom area to hide our empty cases after setup which is always a nice little perk. The area we were setup allowed for additional lighting without taking away from the dim lit atmosphere which helped.

We didn’t have a chance to get fed being how popular the photobooth was, but we were offered, and Brenda checked up on us and got us drinks which she didn’t have to being that a Wedding Planner is usually the busiest person at a Wedding 🙂

The Wedding Photo Booth was such a huge hit that we took more photos than we normally would go through and almost had enough pages made to fill a second scrapbook. Vanessa & Angel’s Wedding Photo Booth Scrapbook came out amazing. Although we don’t provide a second wedding scrapbook on events, we do bring extra paper to make more pages that can be added to the scrapbook at a later time.

All in all:

  • THE VIEW:  The area outside is standard suburbia which doesn’t really make for great wedding photography but inside was a different story (B)
  • THE STAFF: Friendly and easy to work with, especially the Wedding Planner Brenda (A-)
  • THE LOAD IN: Easy double-door access, big elevator, no messy load in dock (A)

Thank you to Creations By Brenda, The Farmington Fire Hall, Julie & Miguel, and most importantly Vanessa & Angel for letting us crash the party….lol. Check back soon as we still have reviews of the Cherry Valley Country Club in Princeton, NJ and Doolan’s in Spring Lake, NJ  coming soon from events that were also this past Saturday 10/23.

Scott Roth 🙂

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