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Hilton Garden Inn LogoWe were hired by Kathiria for a Photo Booth back in October and she mentioned she might be a contestant on a little tv show lol during our first meeting at the Hilton with the Hilton coordinator Bob Gnagey

Fast forward to February 20, 2011, where we run into Bob again during the Perona Farms Bridal Show by Elegant Bridal, who informs us that Kathiria’s wedding will indeed be on the show.

Our Wedding Model Photo Booth has finally found its way onto national television in the

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form of TLC’s hit TV Show “Four Weddings” to be aired in mid May (stay tuned). Our Photo Booth could not be happier.

Bob and the Hilton had a spot pre-set for us with ample room and a table, along with a great load in area and the ability to keep our vehicle in the loading dock area throughout the event.

We had a great time celebrating with Kathiria & Eri on February 25, 2011 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Rockaway, NJ. Kathiria was one of four brides competing for a free honeymoon. The concept behind the show is each bride attends each others wedding and critiques each others uniqueness.

What could be more unique then a Photo Booth? Lol.

The guests were slow to start the party as there were camera crews around. Not that it interfered in the physical sense but more in a psychological way. However once the guests discovered the Photo Booth, there was no stopping them and we ended up with a nice full Wedding Scrapbook of all guests which make for a great keepsake for Kathiria & Eri.

As for the Televised aspect of the night, there was a table with 3 other brides and their guests ( maid of honors?) that the cameras focused on and consisted mostly of interviewing them as a group. They would be pulled away for interviews individually as well.

At different moments, the 3 brides were asked to take part in the side activities, such as dancing for a bit, writing in the guestbooks, seeing the cake, and last but not least …..going in the Photo Booth (we let them write a note together to Kathiria & Eri which went into the last page of their scrapbook)

All in all it was a fun unique night for us and we hope this gets the word out to more brides and grooms about the fun of a Photo Booth at a Wedding 🙂

Congratulations Kathiria & Eri  Wedding-Photo-Booth-Pic-TLC-Four-Weddings

Scott 🙂

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One thought on “Hilton | Photo Booth | February 25, 2011 | TLC’s Four Weddings

  1. Congratulations to Kathy and Eri!
    The Photo Booth was a Fantastic Idea because after the big day is over, all you have left are Memories that are captured on Photos, Videos and this Awesome Idea… Unique and crazy pictures placed on a Scapbook with a personal message for the Happy Couple. My boys loved it!

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