Meet Alexa – Sweet Sixteen Photography – Brownstone in Paterson, NJ

The Mitchell’s found us through the Figueroa’s as well, as word is getting around with this group of dancer teens. We first covered Vanessa’s Sweet Sixteen and have since done her friends Gianna’s, Taylor’s, Daniella’s, Frankie’s and Tiffany’s.

We can now add Alexa to that list. We had a great time and congratulations Alexa. Thank you for letting us crash your party with our Photography and Photo Booth. We are honored to have captured your big day.

brownstone-photography-1839brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2621brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2525brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2531brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2568brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2824brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2817brownstone-photography-2052 brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2799brownstone-photography-2066brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2738brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2843brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2934 brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2980brownstone-sweet-sixteen-2992brownstone-photography-1911brownstone-photography-2077brownstone-photography-2134Sweet Sixteens.




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