We had an also time shooting the Schuchman family at the Morristown Jewish Center where the Bar Mitzvah ceremony took place. The reception followed at the Black River Barn in Randolph, NJ. Josh had a cool LEGO theme with a table provided by the Lego Guys.

morristown-jewish-center-7144 morristown-jewish-center-7135 morristown-jewish-center-8932 morristown-jewish-center-9046 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7572 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7710 mitzvah-barn-randolph-9848 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7282 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7298 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7318 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7325 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7424 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7347 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7378 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7392 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7674 mitzvah-barn-randolph-7684 mitzvah-barn-randolph-9939

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