New York Comic Con – 2010

This past weekend SRE got a chance to visit the New York Comic Convention at the Javitz Center in New York City to support our Caricaturists. The activities took place Fri 10/8, Sat 10/9. and Sun 10/10. A weekend pass is a must in order to take in the full scope of the convention. There are over 1000 Artists, Publishers, Collectors, Video Game Companies and more who are sharing their work and eager for ones attention.

One of the many full-on costumed attendees

Previous years saw NYCC taking place in February but this year the convention was moved to October which meant warmer weather and thus an increase in attendees (Saturday was so packed they stopped selling tickets to get in). October also serves as a great time to get into character so to speak as Halloween is in the same month… alot of the attendees came decked out in full-on costumes which just added to the feel of the convention.

New York Comic Con was also a chance for many celebrities to show off their upcoming movies, books, endorsements, etc. Celebrities signing autographs includes NYCC regulars Lou Ferigno (The original HULK), Carol Spinney (Big Bird, Oscar from Sesame Street), Michelle Forbes from True Blood among others.

Judah Friedlander
Judah Friedlander (30 Rock) at NYCC 2010

I personnally enjoyed getting to meet Judah Friedlander from 30 Rock. He was also the guy hugging everyone in the Dave Mathews Band’s “Everyday” video…… Judah (who can be followed on Twitter at @JudahWorldChamp) was there promoting his new book “How to beat up anybody” which is an incredibly comical read.

With that said….dont forget to check out our Caricaturists over at

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