The Newlywed Table
The Newlywed table looked great

This past weekend (October 15, 2010) our Wedding Photo Booth Rental sent us to the Terrace On The Park in Flushing Meadows, NY in celebration of Wayne & Jing. This blog/article is our review of the venue and staff and overall experience which we hope other vendors as well as soon-to-be newlyweds will find informative.

Our scheduled time was 7pm Cocktail and 8pm Reception with an end time of 12am. Our package normally includes 5 hours with the cocktail hour being flexible depending upon the setup. Since the Wedding Photo Booth is a stationary item (being once it is setup, it stays where it is) we let the cocktail hour be flexible so that if the best location to setup the Photo Booth is better suited in the reception area, and the cocktail hour is in a different location then we set it up in the reception area and have it open at 8pm without being penalized or being looked at as late.

Wayne & Jing’s cocktail hour was held downstairs on the first floor, while their reception was held in the Rose Room on the main Terrace floor. So that is where we setup.

The Terrace On The Park has a very easy to access load-in dock that is very open, which means there is enough room for several vendors to load in at the same time. There is no stairs or dumpster. (All us vendors out there no how it feels to be fighting with ripped garbage bags and messy puddles during loading and unloading through loading docks). This load in dock was relatively clean …….which is a huge plus. I started load in at 5:30 and had everything up to the Terrace by 5:50.

There is one main elevator that leads up to the Terrace and its big enough to fit at least full carts and few adults with luggage/bags, etc. The elevator seemed to be moving quickly so overall, the load in procedure was very simple.

Newlyeds in Wedding Photo Booth
Wayne & Jing 10/15/2010

When I got there, I had to find the Maitre’D to help figure out where to setup as they DID NOT have the Wedding Photo Booth in their floor plan. Most venues don’t seem to take the time to factor in the external entertainment setup needs beyond the DJ or Live Band areas. While this is disappointing, its understandable…..and those needs aren’t as consistent as the DJ’s. A Wedding Photo Booth’s area and a Caricaturists area and needs are very different from each other. Even though the Wedding Photo Booth wasn’t factored into the floor plan, the Maitre’dย  was very accomodating and easy to work with. He had his staff help adjust their floor plan, and tables to make it work…………..this was a HUGE plus as some will not take the time to work with you as they are too busy and leave you to figure it out with a staff member who may or may not speak the same language lol.

We got the Wedding Photo Booth upstairs and figured out the location by 6:15. It was disappointing that alot of staff did not know who the Maitre’D was for the event they were covering (there are usually 4 weddings going on simultaneously). Although disappointing it was understandable.

We had the Photo Booth setup by 7pm and finished some of the wiring by 7:15 which gave ample time to change, check out the scenery, take some pictures and just relax before the 8pm reception.

When the wedding reception began, guests ordered their dinners and then did the big introductions so we really started around 9pm and stayed busy til the end of the night. You can view Wayne & Jing’s Wedding Photo Booth Album and Photo Booth Scrapbook on our FB page at

We were referred to Wayne through a 40th Birthday Party that we did in Long Island just a few months before. Its great to see that people are loving the Photo Booth so much that they tell others about it. During the holidays, we send thank you Gift Cards to clients who referred us to show that we appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

The View from the Terrace
The view from the Terrace

So all in all my review of the Terrace On The Park is :

  • THE VIEW: Flushing Meadows, NY ….the area is surrounded by Citi Field, the Silver Earth Ball, and others which make for spectacular views from the Terrace. (A+)
  • THE STAFF: Friendly and easy to work with, especially the Maitre’d. (A-)
  • THE LOAD IN: Easy access, big elevator, no messy load in dock (A)

Thank you for taking the time to read our Review of the Terrace On The Park in Flushing Meadows, NY and our Wedding Photo Booth experience on 10/15/2010. Check back next week for our Reviews of the Cherry Valley Country Club in Princeton, NJ when we provide Photo Favors for Abigail’s Bat Mitzvah.

Scott Roth ๐Ÿ™‚


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