Texas Lottery – November 2011

Scott Roth Events had the pleasure of doing our Green Screen Photos for the Texas Lottery promotions at several college football games in Texas this year. We did two games for Texas A&M (Auggieland) and two games for the Texas Longhorns in Austin, TX. The last game we covered was the competition between the two teams on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011.

As guests were walking up to the stadium, they would have the opportunity to be superimposed into the stadium background behind a sportscasting booth. The activity was extremely popular as you can see here on our Facebook page. Since we are New Jersey based company, this meant traveling and we had a blast the entire time.

Our first stop was in Dallas, Tx to drive down to College Station, Tx and got to see some amazing sites including doing the tour of Sixth Floor Museum where the Kennedy assasination took place on by the Grassy Knoll.

Our next stop was in Austin, Tx which is heaven for any musician type or music lover in general. Austin was made famous with its mix of Texas Honky Tonk, and Southern Rock Blues. Artists like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Ted Nugent among others have made this area legendary. Austin is also home to the South by Southwest music festival every April. Austin is most known for being weird, as their slogan is “Keep Austin Weird”…..and that it is. One of the coolest and weirdest things we got to see in our travels was the Cathedral of Junk where Vince Hanneman has been collecting junk for years and adding to his multi level masterpiece with several floors to walk through. Its truly a site to see and defintely WEIRD.

Last but not least was Houston, TX where we got to stop at to see friends, and visit the Moody Gardens down in Galveston, TX and also stop by Occupy Houston to show support as we did in Occupy Dallas.

All in all, we had an incredible month and look forward to doing this for the Texas Lottery and UBI Media next year as well.

Scott Roth, Event Photography 🙂

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