Kristin & Ryan - Photo Booth - Primavera Regency - 1/19/2013
Kristin & Ryan – Photo Booth – Primavera Regency – 1/19/2013

We knew when Chris D’Amico from D’Amico Entertainment walked in the room that it was gonna be a “that kind of wedding” kind of wedding. Fun doesn’t do this wedding justice. The best part was when the band leader got the room swaying back and forth in a sing along to Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore”

We have done our Photo Booth several times over the past couple years at the Primavera Regency in Stirling, NJ and it’s always a success. Usually we are tucked kind of behind the DJ in an inconspicuous location, but this isn’t an ordinary Photo Booth. It’s not the same party unless in a convenient location that everyone can see it and take part. By the bar was the perfect spot this time.

Steve who is maitre’d is always easy to work with. The food at Primavera is always good. This time we got a chicken and spinach dish which was delish. Im sorry for the rhyme. Oh what the heck, I do it all the time….lol.

Kristin & Ryan included a couple props of their own in addition to using the Photo Booth props we provided. They also opted for the full 4 hour rental we were offering on Living Social which included Photo Booth Frames and a Photo Booth Scrapbook that we assemble ahead of time based on the color theme which was purple & silver.

The photos came out great which guests of the event can see on our Facebook page. All in all it was a great start to 2013 and the staff was even tipped which always a good bonus and a good sign of customer satisfaction.

Scott 🙂



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