The Bethwood | Totowa, NJ | Photo Booth Rental 11/24/2010

On Novelmber 24, 2010 our Wedding Photo Booth found it’s way to the Bethwood in Totowa, NJ in celebration of Casey’s Sweet 16. The Bethwood is one of the most popular Wedding and Event catering halls in all of New Jersey. It hosts many bridal shows through out the year as well as up to 5 weddings every weekend with its many different sized ballrooms available.

Picture of Casey in her Sweet 16 Photo Booth
Casey's Sweet 16 - 11/24/10

The views are amazing. Inside the venue you feel you are in a resort like hotel atmosphere with its long decorated hallways, and overall decor. The outside boasts some decent views of the area at night, especially from the 2nd and 3rd floors. The area around in Christmas and Winter is probably magestic.

The staff are always helpful and easy to get along with. The maitre’d made sure he came to our table to let us know we can eat. The staff also brought us silverware without asking. The food was incredible. Definitely recommend the shrimp dish we had here.

The load-in was the only nic in otherwise perfect 10 A+ venue being that there is a small loading door to the right of the building and a small elevator. If the ballroom you are hired to entertain in is on the far left of the building, it can be a time consuming process.

All in all:

  • The View:   B+ in Summer/Spring and an A if you are having a Fall/Winter event.
  • The Staff:   A+ for providing food without having to ask and bringing a table for our setup rather quickly and efficiently.
  • The Load-In:   It was a small elevator on one side and with 5 Events per weekend, it could be a nightmare if not planned ahead of time. A D-
  • The Food:  What we had was great 🙂  A+

Thank you for stopping by.

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