Kasia & Joel
Kasia & Joel

On Friday January 25, 2013, our Wedding Photo Booth found it’s way to the Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park, New Jersey. Woodland Park was formally called West Paterson but changed it’s name a few years ago.

The Westmount is a gorgeous venue as far as the feel of the environment. There are two main ballrooms on site. The Grand Ballroom and the Continental Ballroom. This time we were in the Continental Ballroom. There was ample space for our 5×7 romp room party booth which was good, cause people tend to always crowd around the Photo Booth to see what all the fuss is about.

We were in a spot close to an awesome looking fireplace and two couches which made for a lavish lounge feel.

The staff at the Westmount were easy to work with and accommodating to our needs. We got fed which is always a plus ๐Ÿ™‚ ย The load in was easy as far as turns are concerned. No tight corners or messy kitchens to go through. It was however a bit long and a cart is definitely suggested (for those vendors who read our blogs). The door were automatic which was a big help.

The color was Red & White, so we had a cool Red colored door frame on our black photo booth, and went with a new damask style background which looks great in photo-booth photos. We have also been incorporate more wedding magazine photos into the scrapbooks to really give them a more lavish look. There are always great photos for a red and white theme in them.

We took about 60 photos (which is about 120-150 considering 2-3 people per photo) and the wedding scrapbook came out great, thanks to the awesome assistant Lindsey Crowell.

All in all

The Food was great. They even came around with “sobering up” food at the end (pizza, desserts, etc) which could take away from the classiness of the place, but it was well done.

The Load In was relatively easy, but a cart is recommended

The Environment was cool with the couches, fireplace and color theme. The dance floor was in an awkward position from the main room, making it a difficult view for the first dance, etc.

The Staff were helpful when needed

Thanks for checking in. We were also at the Manor in West Orange, NJ which we will be reviewing as well.
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