What we think about the economy

Alot is being said about our economy. Some blame government, some blame society…..nobody is blaming themselves. This says a lot. Here are some things we think are reasons and what can be done to improve.

1 – Selling ourselves short
Too many people are struggling to understand exactly how big the Internet is. Too many stores don’t have websites or utilize Internet marketing and closing or going out of business because of this….but this is not just a company thing but an individual thing. Facebook is today’s business card…..and everyone should have one. Social media is combining the business and personal worlds and the successful know this. YouTube, Facebook, twitter, and more…..make a profile, get connected, use it to network your business side and start selling yourself

2 – Technology
Raise taxes, lower taxes, change spending……nothing the government can do is gonna magically make people start going to blockbuster again and cancel their Netflix and on demand accounts. Thats ALOT of lost jobs. That’s the lone reason for high unemployment. Part of part one above is ……become an entrepreneur and utilize technology and the internet to grow your business. It’s the only surefire employment out there. The world is your oyster.

3 – HTML
We need to change our education systems approach to computers and get rid of teaching fast typing skills and start teaching kids in high school HTML, cgi pearl, and all types of coding.

4 – Smartphones
It should be a no brainer but considering the amount of people I know who don’t have one….I need to mention it. Forget about whether you can afford one….NOT having one is even more expensive. A smartphone/tablet keeps you connected 24/7 …….and if you are doing part 1 above, your phone is your office and will pay for itself.

Sorry for the vent and we hope you get started to finding success.

Scott 🙂

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