Chand Palace | Parsippany, NJ | Wedding Photo Booth | 3/12/2011

OuChand Palace Logor Wedding Photo Booth found its way to the Chand Palace on 3/12/2011 in celebration of Ashay’s 1st Birthday. 1st Birthdays are a big part of the Indian culture where Hindu rituals of Annaprasanam and Mundan may be performed.

We love the Chand Palace as it has a relatively easy load in, the main room is on the first floor, there is an open load-in dock area, and the venue is less than 5 minutes from our office in Parsippany, NJ.

The staff was very helpful and the food is always incredible. In fact, the Chand Palace caters alot of the Indian themed Weddings in New Jersey.

Scott 🙂

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