Living Social Promotion and What To Expect

Back in July of last year, we ran a Photo Booth promotion via Living Social which was successful as far as volume and amount of interested parties. We have just about completed most of the events of the first run. We also ran one in October of 2012. In February we ran one for our Open Photo Booth services.

If you were lucky enough to grab the promotion or find us through the promotion, here is what to expect from us, and what we expect from you so that everything can go smooth and we can still be somewhat profitable (since this is our careers lol)



When needed, we reach out to the venues to establish load in, provide insurance needs, setup, etc. Many venues we have been to tons of times and don’t really need to reach the venue except in extreme circumstances.

The frames included in the packages are 75 plastic sleeve type frames. You can upgrade to Acrylic Stand-Up frames or Acrylic Magnet frames to use as table favors and we can have them for you ahead of time.

The scrapbooking is basic scrapbooking either 8×10 or 12×12 with guests photos on each page , notes, and some light decorating. We have FULL Scrapbooking available as well which will incorporate your color theme, include larger pictures and more . See our Facebook for examples

Facebook albums will be posted with watermarks. Prints can be purchased.

Our Open Photo Booths take on a Portrait Studio like setup. They are not touchscreen self-operating booths as our equipment is flexible and used for a variety of services, not just photo booth rentals.



We do request to have our staff be considered as vendors and to have vendor meals provided if you are serving plate dinners or to be allowed to take part in buffet style dinners. Our staff will be respectful and not shut down the booth in order to take part. Usually the venue already has places setup for vendors.

Tipping is encouraged as our staff is sometimes working at a discounted rate as well

If you love our services and love how everything went and are so excited that you are telling everyone you know lol…..please let them know the value of the package you got and not the price you paid lol. If you paid $375, you got a $750 package. If you paid $450, you got the $900 package. If you booked direct at $375, you got the $900 package. You get the idea.

We ask this because we don’t want to turn people away when they contact us when they say “Why are we being charged X, when my friend who referred you said she only paid x” ……Its the referrals and eventual full-paying jobs that are the reason for doing the whole promotion in the first place lol. We would be out of business quick if every client was charged 50% off

We look forward to a wonderful event and hopefully many years of providing successful services

Scott 🙂




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