Meet Vanessa – Sweet 16 Photography at The Brownstone in Paterson, NJ

The family had found us via our Photo Booth promotion that we ran on Living Social. Do to the really good deal, they decided to add Professional  Photography as well. Vanessa’s sweet sixteen took place in the Red Room at The Brownstone in Paterson, NJ  . The venue was willing to accomodate our needs with the Photo Booth and it was a huge hit.

Although we have been doing Photo Booths, and Photo Favors for several years, providing Photography is a somewhat newer venture for us. We wanted to gain some experience on other events before providing it on our own.

Vanessa and her family were easy going and fun to work with. They were willing to go along with ideas as well as share their own. The end results can be viewed in part via our Facebook photo album from the night. Our personal favorite involves some hamburgers in the backroom although we always tend to find out that its usually the birthday boy or birthday girl dancing with his or her parent that is the most popular photo taken of the night.
IMG_7512 IMG_7461 IMG_7581 IMG_7458IMG_7433 IMG_7448 IMG_7451 IMG_7457 Sweet Sixteen Photography (2 of 6)


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