We came highly referred for Damiana’s Sweet 16 via The Figeuroa’s after doing Vanessa’s Sweet 16 last may. Sterling Gardens is a great venue for photography with low white ceilings.

I personally really liked the little taxis that were used for the name cards. It was a very cool touch for a New York themed party. Here is a sneak peek at the night 🙂

Sweet 16 Cake


sweet-16-photography-5090sweet 16 open photo boothsweet-16-photography-5337Damiana Sweet Sixteen candlelightingsweet-16-photography-5420Damiana Sweet 16sweet-16-photography-5354sweet-16-photography-5618sweet-16-photography-5164sweet-16-photography-5656Sweet 16 Table DecorDamiana Sweet 16Gucci Shoes / Heels


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