Meet Isadora – Bat Mitzvah Photography – Maplewood Club

Isadora and her family were referred to us from Sarah whose Bat Mitzvah we did photography for in 2013. The family had the ceremony held at Congregation Beth El in South Orange, NJ where we did Family Portraits a day ahead of time for formal shots.

The Reception was help at the Maplewood Club in Maplewood, NJ (not to be confused with the Maplewood Golf Club).  The venue has a cottage country feel to it which I really liked.

We also had our Open Photo Booth aka The PhotoBoothers setup downstairs for the kids to do.temple-beth-el-mitzvah-6770temple-beth-el-mitzvah-6717temple-beth-el-mitzvah-7851temple-beth-el-mitzvah-7954





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