Helen Mills Theater logoWhat better venue to do a Video Karaoke make your own music video setup than at a THEATER?. That’s exactly what happened this past sunday November 14, 2010 when Long Island Party Planners – Golden Carousel had Scott Roth Events provide Video Karaoke for Julia’s Bat Mitzvah at Helen Mills Theater in New York, NY.

The load-in was relatively simple with easy access to the downstairs stage area via elevator access and ramp access. We had to use a parking garage after load=in which is understandable being the location of midtown Manhattan. The staff was accomodating and provided us a Sound Guy to work with and allow us to tap into the theater sound system which cut down setup time and made the whole process easier.

The setup gave the kids who were willing to sing a chance to actually be on stage while singing and have a theater type audience …which beats the typical cocktail hour event space setup and peeked the interest of that many more kids and especially the bat mitzvah girl herself Julia had an incredible time being the star of the show.

Being that the theater is downstairs while the event space is upstairs, we weren’t able to get fed so we have no say on if the food was good. We can say that we weren’t even offered. This of course is always a downside

All in all –

  • The View:  From what I got to see, the upstairs was fit to the theme of her party. This is typical with most new york city venues. The space itself which pretty much that…..space. The right decorator (which I don’t know whether this is provided in-house or if clients have to hire their own) can make or break the party’s atmosphere. …..C
  • The Staff:   It was great to have a sound guy to work with and was accomodating. …..A
  • The Load-in:   Another notch up for the venue. They are used to performers and vendors, etc being that it is a theater and they made it easy for such. …….A
  • The Food:    N/A

Thank you

Scott Roth, CEO – Scott Roth Events “Venue Reviews from the Vendors View”

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