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This past weekend our Casino Game Rentals sent us to Park Ave Bar & Grill in Union City, NJ in celebration of Bernard’s 30th birthday. The venue has a small capacity that is best for get togethers of less than 75 people unless you want them split up among different levels.

There are 3 levels to the Park Ave Bar. The downstairs boasts a double sided bar. The second level consists of a nice restaurant and the 3rd level is the lounge area with nice decor and comfortable one of a kind chairs. The downside to this setup is that most private parties take place on the 3rd floor lounge level and there is no elevator access other than a dumb waiter in the tight kitchen area.

Scott Roth Events provided a Black Jack Table, Roulette Table, and a Texas Hold Em Poker Table for this party which meant carrying each table of two flights of stairs….this is definitely a big soar spot for vendors doing events here as tough load-ins mean being that much more tired and worn out before the party even begins.

The staff was helpful and accomodating at all times which makes things easier and were willing to help with the load which meant going out of their way. A big plus in our books. Its important to have an “everybody works together” vibe among the staff and vendors.

Parking was pure luck being that there was very little street parking and no open load in areas. This venue isnt really setup for vendors beyond a typical basic DJ.

All in all:

  • The View:   the atmosphere was that of a chic New York nightclub environment which is great for private parties and small corporate parties. Too small for Weddings and Mitzvahs. Being on the third floor did add a touch to the scenery beyond the windows though. …..C
  • The Staff:   easy to work with and accomodating….. B
  • The Load In:  a nightmare for larger vendors like ourselves or any kind of larger scale DJ or band …..  D-
  • The Food:   what i grabbed was really good. the penne vodka pasta was top notch ……A

Thank You,

Scott Roth, CEO – Scott Roth Events “Venue Reviews from the Vendors View”

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